The Theme Of Faith That Leads To Fear In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Faith that Leads to Fear
In Nathaniel Hawthorn’s short story, “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorn used different writing techniques like mystery and suspense to get his readers’ attention. When reading the story from the beginning to the end, the author leaves readers with many different questions. The question that I primarily considered was “what does all of this witchcraft, mysticism and the lifestyles of the characters really mean?” Hawthorn did not want his readers to simply view “Young Goodman Brown” as just a good story, but to consider that having a strong faith in life is one of the greatest assets a man or a woman can have in this world.
Young Goodman Brown experienced a dream, or a premonition, within this dreamlike state he had his
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For example, readers see in the story lack of faith, fear come into a Christian’s heart, and lust and temptation from Devil leading Christians away from God. Brown’s faith decreased when he entered into the woods alone when he saw a few of his friends taking part in the Black Sabbath in the forest.
The author Hawthorne’s informed his readers that Young Goodman Brown lacks faith in his life which made him unforgiving because his thinks that evil can be begotten evil and which shows there is nothing can be done to fix it. Therefore, to see the good in people lives’ along with their actions and forgiving their sins.
When Goodman Brown return from his trip from the forest back to his wife and town. Brown came back with a different mindset towards life. While Brown was in town the author tells us that he had little faith left in him, so on the other hand, he saw everything in his community as evil, sinful, and hypocritical. I agree in a way with Brown being so cynical because there are many different things that are wrong with religion as we can see in our society. However, I do believe that the problems come from people’s interpretation.

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