Bluebeard's Egg Analysis

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Sally is a woman who attends a college for taking night courses and to keep her busy. Also, she is a woman who thinks her husband, Ed is dull and stupid. However, as story goes by, she finds out an affair between Ed and her friend, Marylynn during the party. She witnessed Ed touches Marylynn's butt, and she realizes Ed is not the man she used to think. In addition, "Bluebeard's Egg" is somewhat similar to Fitcher's Bird. For example, Sally is the third wife of Ed, and she thinks she is clever. Equivalently, the young little girl is the youngest girl throughout three sisters, and she is described as smart. As the classic tales of Bluebeard and Fitcher's Bird enshrine a theme of sexual curiosity, also "Bluebeard's Egg" explores the theme of curiosity. …show more content…
Sally is a woman who has a fear about losing Ed, and she wants to prevent divorce that Ed did on his previous marriages. "[T]his whole room, was sexual in a way she didn't quite understand; it was clearly a dangerous place. I was like a massage parlour, only for women" (Atwood 166). This somehow depicts a forbidden chamber in Bluebeard's story. Sally is afraid of being left, and she has a deepest worry that Ed gets seduced by other women. As the story goes by, Sally faces an affair between her best friend, Marylynn and Ed. Marylynn is a divorced woman, and she once decorated Sally and Ed's the closets in the master bedroom. This implies Marylynn is a one who decorates the bedroom where Ed and Sally share, and she makes her own decisions. Hence this is one symbol of potential threat to Sally that she needs to be aware of. "Whenever Marylynn is coming to dinner, as she is today-she's bringing the desk, too-Sally takes especial care with her clothes and makeup" (Atwood 160). Although many women take care of their appearances, her behavior seems somehow too much being conscious when she is with Marylynn. Thus this shows her fear of being replaced and competitiveness, and her rising feeling of violence; envy and competitiveness is being said that she is suspicious as a

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