Essay about The, The Weapon Of Rape ' By Nicholas Krist

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Rape has been a constant feature of warfare throughout history and in today’s society. In fact is a systematic and brutal weapon that is used mainly against women in the world. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), rape has been one of the most productive weapons of the civil war that has affected the country’s eastern provinces since nineteen ninety-eight. In this research paper, I would be discussing the prevalence and consequences of sexual violence; rape in the eastern democratic republic of Congo, including a few factors, particularly, the impact of colonization, poverty and impunity, together with some responses that contribute to its development.
In the reading, ‘’The Weapon of Rape’’ by Nicholas Krist, she contends, how the eastern Congo has been classified as the rape capital of the world. Additionally, she asserts to that forty percent of the seventy percent, of seventy million women have experienced rape. In the same manner, the article Uncovering the Truth in Crisis by Jason Stearns, criticizes the way individuals from Congo, both male and female have been reduced to a stereotype where their societal issues are viewed as too complex containing many different layers and therefore conclude its just another of those ‘’African messes’’ (Stearns n.d.)However in his view, he asserts that the main dilemma lies within the fact that people from the west have a hard caring about something they do not understand. Nonetheless, one of the main contributing factors to…

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