The, The Outsider, By Albert Camus Essay

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The sun as an irrational cause in The Outsider
The Outsider, by Albert Camus, focuses on the narrator and main character Meursault when he kills an Arab on the beach. One of the major symbols used in the novel is the sun. The sun is commonly represented in most songs, poetry and art as the happiness and warmth in life, however Camus uses the sun to depict death and destruction in the novel. The sun can directly influence the actions and emotions of Meursault, and the majority of the emotions that Meursault feels is directed by the sun. Meursault is attentive to his surroundings and uses very expressive language when describing the environment, in contrast the language he would use when describing human interactions is very dull. In his court trial, the defence lawyer and the prosecutor are trying to find a rational reason for Meursault’s motive in killing the Arab. They make the connection that the reason why Meursault committed the murder is due to his personality. As his personality is controlled by the sun, Camus suggests that sun is an irrational cause as to why Meursault committed the murder. Using the sun as a symbol helps to illustrate this point as it represents the focal point of a symbolic event or situation and the violent sensation and the impulse to destroy are related to the intense heat and light caused by the sun.
The sun is a powerful influence on the emotions and actions of Meursault, one of the most significant events in the novel is when Meursault is…

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