The, The New Feudalism, By Degrew ( 2013 ) And. Degrew Essay

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There are two articles I found relevant because they improved my knowledge on the essence of injustice regulations in the welfare system. " The new feudalism" by DeGrew (2013) and.

DeGrew (2013) focussed on the concentration of wealth in the United States during 2013 and the concept of new feudalism through the implementation of regulations that affect the poor sector but benefit the wealth sector. As as future advocator I found this article very interesting because it gave me in-depth guideline to comprehend the reasons why the system implements a lot demanding regulations that affect people who seek for welfare services.DeGrew (2013) explained that the concentration of wealth in this country has lead to the new system of feudalism. According to DeGrew (2013) " the income gap between the top 1 percent of the pollution and the remaining 99 percent is the dilemma of this conflict". In other words the wealthy has become wealthier and the poor poorer. The increased of the income gap between the wealthy and poor sector has increase and as a result the 400 richest citizens had become wealthier than the 185 million of citizens combined ( DeGrew, 2013). As the rich get richer, the low classes have been getting more affected by, such as there are more people living in poverty, seeking for food stamps assistance, more hunger children and more people committing crimes ( DeGrew 2013). So, the new feudalism system refers to the 1 percent of rich people that own the private wealth of…

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