Essay on The, The And The Cia As A Mind Control Program

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MK Ultra was a project formed by the CIA as a mind control program (“Project MKULTRA,” 2016). This program implemented a new way to interrogate by using torture and drugs such as marijuana and LSD (“Project MKULTRA,” 2016). The reason for these tactics were to weaken the individual so the agency could get a confession through mind control (“Id,”2016).
Headed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, MK Ultra was started officially on the order of CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles on April 13, 1953 (“Id,”2016). The goal was to develop mind-controlling drugs for use against the Soviet bloc in response to the allegations that North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union were already using techniques of mind control and torture on prisoners of war (“Id,”2016). The CIA wanted to use similar methods on their own captives but with mind control through a “truth serum” (“Id,”2016). CIA documents have since suggested that “chemical, biological and radiological means were investigated for the purpose of mind control as part of MK Ultra” (“Id,”2016). This was obviously an experiment that had a large price tag. In fact, a secret memorandum granted the MK Ultra director up to six percent of the CIA research budget in fiscal year 1953, without oversight or accounting (“Id,”2016). An estimated $10 million USD (roughly $87.5 million adjusted for inflation) or more was spent (“Id,”2016).
Initially, Mk Ultra started off using people that had some knowledge of what was going to happen, then the project moved to…

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