Essay about The Television Series : Jane The Virgin

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The television series Jane the virgin follows a 23-year-old virgin named Jane who was artificially inseminated. Jane lives with her mother Xo (pronounced /zo/) and her grandmother Alba. Jane has boyfriend/recent husband named Michael, and she also has a friendship with the father of her son. Jane is catholic and it has not only been verbally expressed within the series but it is also shown through her actions. The television series goes into depth about Janes problems and triumphs and how she gets herself through them. Although sometimes her a religious based decisions are not always followed through because of her belief in god like many of the viewers may believe. Even though Jane from Jane the Virgin appears to have strongly conservative religious beliefs she is actually very secular.
One of the biggest premises of the show is Jane’s virginity, hence the title. Through numerous scenes, we come to believe that Jane is keeping her virginity until her wedding night because it Is what’s believed amongst Catholics. If we look at the first episode the scene opens up to her making out with her boyfriend Michael. It then cuts scene to her having a conversation with her grandmother as a young girl. There is a present narrator throughout the series, and in this scene, he introduces Janes Grandmother Alba. He says her passions are God and Jane. So right off the bat, we know that Alba is a very religious woman. In this conversation, her grandmother explains to her what virginity…

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