The Teenage Drama Movies With The Underdog Essay

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You know all the clique teenage drama movies with the underdog taking down the popular bitch and taking the crown at the prom and kissing her crush. Well Danny story a bit different imagines drugs, gangs and parties all in one day.

This was Danny first day at Evergreen high. He moved because his parents were divorcing. He lives with his mum in Los angles where his dad is somewhere in New York. The reason why his parents devoice is unknown even to him and his brothers.

Few months ago
“What are you going to do loser” David stood in front of me trying to act all though it was kinda cute. “Hey are you deaf?” both his hand pushes back on my body as I stumble back onto the wall. “Little bitch can’t even speak” his little posy laugh. My hand clenched into a fist “Awww look at him guys isn’t he cute” I swing at his face completely missing him. “whoa clam down dude” I swing again and this time I didn 't miss his whole body fell lifeless on the ground. “That what you get for fucking my girl” and with that I walked away

“Mrs Murillo, now you must be wondering why I call you here today” Mrs Gillman explained “You see Mrs Murillo I am very disappointed in Daniel” She said “Why I might ask” My mum piped up “Well Daniel getting in trouble a lot recently stealing from the canteen, swearing at teachers and making out in the hallway” She said giving me an ungrateful stare. “Well today he got into a fight and fully knock out a student” “DANIEL ROSE MURILLO HOW COULD YOU” my mum yell…

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