The Technological Revolution on American Life Essay

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The Technological Revolution on America Life
Abstract: Future technologies will revolutionize life in the United States of America, and will affect the entire world population over time. Boldness, inevitability, and adaptability all led, or will lead, to the development of this issue. First, the paper will discuss how boldness, and only boldness, leads to accomplishments and boon. To succumb passively will not help achieve goals. Second, the paper will discuss the inevitability that technologies will advance due to human desire and how the want for profit is slaked. Lastly, the paper will cover how the world adapts to changing lifestyles and learn to utilize daunting revelations. It is unavoidable that society will advance, as it has
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Also, in this same article, DiPietro included some research to prove this statement, and he stated the following:
…societies that place a higher value on boldness tend to have higher overall levels of economic creativity. This is just as one might expect. In order to engage in creative activity people must, first, externally be given the opportunity and, second, internally be endowed with the willingness to overcome obstacles and seize the opportunity. … Boldness gives people the necessary courage to undertake risky innovative ventures (DiPietro, 44).

This quote by DiPietro implies that boldness leads to greater economic success because of economic creativity. If one is more likely to develop and express ideas, these factors will benefit society in the long run. Many times, a business or economy may decline in power and strength due to a lack of powerful ideas, despite their presence, but the owners of them did not have enough confidence in them, or boldness to express them to the community. A lesson given by John Laychak once for the Bible Club of Foran High School, titled Mission: Christ, touched on this idea of boldness. Laychak stated, in a very powerful manner, “boldness means that you are not afraid to look like a fool in front of someone else; boldness means that when your prayers for healing do not work the first ninety-nine times you try, you should always try

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