The Techniques Using Reducing Uncertainty Essay example

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5. The techniques using reducing uncertainty
In innovation weather it incremental or radical there are some situations organization can’t predict. It always has high risk involvement. When the organization not known the addition information that require for the new innovation product it is uncertainty. There are three types of uncertainty. They are technical uncertainty, market uncertainty and business uncertainty. The following factors help to reduce the uncertainty.
1. technological trajectory This discuss the how level of technology develop in certain time period. This shows the growth of the technology of the new product for a certain period of time. For an example mechanical watch has reach the maximum level of technology at late 1990. There are some limitations by using these concept. They are
• Incremental innovation cannot be considered when the unpredictable changes of user requirements.
• For implementation of the new innovation, firms have to wait until reach the physical limit of the old technology.
• When product reaches his maximum level without an alternative technology it does not create new innovation
Market regularities
Every product has a life cycle that start from his introduction stage and end from the decline stage. This can be predicted in a certain period of time. For some specific product there can be more than one life cycles. For an example HP used to introduce their PC series one for their business users one for home users and some…

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