The Teaching Unit Contemporary Australian Theatre Practise ( Albury High School )

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When creating a successful teaching unit teachers must include a variety of activities and approaches the engage all learners equally. Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses; stemming from personal, cultural, social and educational backgrounds without a variety of activities in the classroom only a select few will grow and learn. Drama relies on the practicality of learning to extend performative skills, production skills and theoretical knowledge. Critically assessing the teaching unit Contemporary Australian Theatre Practise (Albury High School, 2010 - 15) requires examination of its teaching and application broken into the following sections. Applications of authentic pedagogical approaches, stage appropriate activities, ability to cater for diverse learners while maintaining links to the syllabus content and outcomes.
Critically analysing the teaching of the unit allows teachers to assess its use of authentic pedagogical approaches allowing for learners to engage in a variety of learning activities that are appropriate to Stage 6. In early 2003 the NSW Department of Education released the discussion paper Quality Teaching NSW Public Schools outlining strategies for enhancing pedagogical frameworks “NSW teachers will continue to cater for individual learners and differences associated with various groups in our community, this model provides a consistent pedagogical framework within which all NSW teachers and schools can operate.” (NSW Department of…

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