The Taliban During The Soviet Union Essay

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POLITICAL - The power structure in Afghanistan witnessed change when the Soviet Union invaded the country. The local traditional leaders were targeted only to be replaced by ones who would be loyal to the Soviet Union. Therefore, this demanded war and fighting to be taken as as full time job so as to successfully fight the enemy and the traditional structures were replaced by the emergence of strong military commanders who dominated the local population in the name of their defending the country from foreign intrusion. This lead to the emergence of Taliban in 1994 who took advantage of their local knowledge and networks. The Taliban gave the impression of a localised insurgency who among many other things, had local motives of disarming and organising the state into that of a peaceful one.
MILITARY - The Taliban have an unlimited base for recruitment. They recruit largely from the rural areas but continuously target the urban areas too and aim at those who are unemployed. Poverty, self determination, unemployment, ethnicity, hatred for the new government are among the many reason why people join the Taliban.
ECONOMIC - There is high level of opium production in Afghanistan. The Taliban protects the farmers who produce opium from the international community and in turn takes taxes from them. Even though the Taliban are not directly involved in producing Opium, they have a close affiliation with those who produce and those who smuggle. Therefore, different tribes,…

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