Essay on The Tale Of An Innocent Nepalese Girl

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Horrific images are brought to mind when reading the novel Sold, the tale of an innocent Nepalese girl that is born into a family so poor that they have no choice but to sell her into prostitution at just thirteen years old. Too young to fully understand what is happening, the girl, Lakshmi, is under the impression that she will become a maid for a rich family and bring honor to her name; by the time she arrives at the so-called “Happiness House”, she knows that that is not the case. Lakshmi is suddenly thrust into a world of confusion, torture, and every kind of abuse that exists, only to learn that her suffering is not even helping her family. Mumtaz, the leader of the brothel, takes all the money that is earned for herself and makes sure there is no way for any of the girls, including Lakshmi, to escape. It is incomprehensible that someone could be so savage, so inhumane towards another human being, let alone a mere child; however, one glance into the area of Nepal this behavior is found in will expose the true reason for it. The region is saturated with poverty, starvation, and filth, all of which cause its citizens to be in a constant mode of self-preservation. Patricia McCormick depicts cases of extreme poverty that show how desperation will drive people to dehumanize others and commit terrible acts of cruelty if it will only better their own situation.
Circumstances such as Lakshmi’s showcase just how desperate people can become. Her own stepfather, the…

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