Adhd Research Paper

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Attention Deficit Disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a psychiatric disorder. People who have this disease show problems of impulses, hyperactivity, and the inability to pay attention. (Barkly R. 1990) They will often come off as immature. They will do things that are inappropiate for how old they are. Most people just brush it off as immaturity, but in some cases it actually can be a real disorder. ADHD is another disorder that becomes a more prominent trait of your personality. Attention Deficit Disorder was first described by Professor George Still around the year 1907. He noticed a pattern in children having hyperactivity and first described certain symptoms
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Adderall is one of these drugs. Adderall is a stimulant. It contains a combination of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine which stimulate the part of the brain that causes impulses and hyperactivity. Adderall though effective can be unsafe to use. If you overdose on either Amphetamine or Dextroamphetamine you could become gravely ill or even die. There are also many side effects to this drug. This drug can cause irregular heartbeats. It can also cause a burning sensation when urinating. There are also cases of extreme mood swings, and even depression in some patients. Some people say it can make a person not even seem like themselves when they are taking Adderall. Ritalin is another popular drug that people diagnosed with ADD or ADHD take. This also is a stimulate used to access the certain part of the brain that causes the hyperactivity and impulses. The main chemical in Ritalin is Methylphenidate which, like the amphetamines, stimulates the brain and provides aid to the patient. This drug 's side effects however are quite worse then the previous. This drug can lead to mood swings,and increase aggression and hostility. This drug can drastically change a person 's personality. This drug can also cause,in some cases, delusion, panic attacks, and depression. An overdose of this drug will also kill the …show more content…
This helps because it sets the minds to focus on small goals to achieve daily and will aid in keeping on task. There is no strong physical proof that proper nutrition helps aid in children with ADHD, but many doctors have noticed in their own personal studies that cutting sugar out as much as possible from their diets did help some. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see you’re just adding fire to the flame with that one though. Children with ADHD should eat balanced healthy meals with no additives, high amounts of sugar, or preservatives. Studies have shown children with a proper diet over the time span of two to three months have shown significant improvements in their behavior. Something as simple as laying the child down for ten to fifteen minutes can show almost instant improvement in his or her behavior. Letting them rest their bodies lets their whole body take a break and cool down which helps the over-excitement and rambunctious behavior in any

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