The Symbols Of Daisy Ver By Daisy Miller

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The young American girl who we are later introduced to as Daisy Miller and we see that she doesn 't act as a normal girl of her time period. She yearns for acceptance into society on her own terms, something which is alien to the world of women. Daisy is described in her initial meeting with Winterbourne as a flirt which is a sign of an emerging animus. The animus represents movement and without an active animus a hero cannot move. Daisy 's call to adventure came when her father sent her, her mother, her brother, and the courier onto an excursion through Europe. Her mother represents a portion of Daisy 's anima. It is the timid, unsure part of herself that is aware that what she is doing is unacceptable to society. Her brother, Randolph is …show more content…
In each interaction with Winterbourne, Daisy asborbs more and more of her animus. In their first meeting, most of the conversation was filtered through Randolph. A second interaction showed Daisy without Randolph. Maybe the indication that she is putting away childhood. Daisy banters with Winterbourne, including some exchange of sexual innuendos. And even though, Winterbourne may have pressed her, Daisy did not submit, exhibiting that she had absorbed more of the animus.There is a minor scene during this activity with Winterbourne where two things happen. First Daisy 's mother make an appearance. She could be symbolic of the Cosmic Mother. This archetype firmly connects to the heroine to the feminine and thus to heroism. The interesting thing about this is that the Cosmic Mother is supposed to give the heroine an amulet. In this Daisy gave the Cosmic Mother her shawl. Second, the courier shows up. He supports Winterbourne in his attempt take Daisy for a night row. As Daisy 's guide this could indicate the path that she needed to take truly begin her journey. A third interaction with Winterbourne took place in a hotel lobby. Daisy set the time and place of the meeting and is showing that she is coming into her

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