The Supreme People 's Court Of China Essay

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23 February 2014, the Supreme People’s Court of China rejected Qihoo’s appeal of the initial verdict of a lawsuit from Tencent against Qihoo for unfair competition, and required Qihoo to pay Tencent a compensation of AUD$862,000 in total. (Custer 2014) This was a full stop of the 3Q war, which has been lasting for nearly 4 years. Eventually, Tencent was the final winner in the 3Q war.

What is the 3Q war? It can be traced back to 4 years ago. Tencent is the largest Internet company in Asia, and the 4th largest on the Earth after Google, Amazon and Ebay. (Graf 2012, Tencent 2013) It is a extremely successful company based on its famous instant message software QQ and its relates cyber ecosystem. February 2010, Tencent launched a new anti-virus software called QQ Doctor, and this software was bounded with the QQ messaging service. Because of Tencent’s aggressive business tactics and over 789.2 million active user base, all Chinese witnessed an astonishing spectacle of that Tencent captured approximately 40% market share in the following 4 months. It seriously hurts another Internet company, Qihoo. Qihoo is an Internet company known for its antivirus softwares and Internet browser. (Qihoo 2014) 360 Safeguard was its ace product, which had about 445 million users, but faced a huge challenge. While the declining of market share, Qihoo blocked QQ pop-up ads on PCs using Safeguard 360. And then Tencent fought back with a software update that rendered 360 Safeguard inoperable on…

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