Essay on The Supreme Court Is A Vital Piece Of The United States

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The Supreme Court is a vital piece of the United States’ government. From making court case decisions to checking the powers of the Judicial and Executive Branches, these justices are important in a way that not many others are. Their interpretation of the Constitution is considered the supreme law of the United States. Every action of the Supreme Court will have an everlasting impression on our country, so it is important that we, as U.S. citizens, are aware of the importance of our future president’s Supreme Court Justices choices. Although a president’s term is temporary, Supreme Court’s terms are for life (“The Role of the Supreme Court”). In the beginning, the Constitution didn’t include the Supreme Court or Judicial Branch, so Court Justices and Congress established the Federal Judiciary, which later passed the first bill of the United States. Originally, the Supreme Court consisted of a Chief Justice and five Associated Justices. After 101 years of this structure, the numbers of Chief Justices began changing, until 1869 when the total number was set at nine (“The Court as an Institution – Supreme Court of the United States”). Now, Article III of the Constitution is devoted to the Judicial Branch as a whole, which includes the rules of all courts. Section 1 discusses the life term of Judges in the Supreme Court and lower courts, as long as they keep good behavior and that they must be paid. Article 2 describes what kind of cases will be heard in the federal judiciary…

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