Essay about The Supreme Court And The Court

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One of the major parts of our government is the Supreme Court. In order to understand what and how a Supreme Court functions, it is essential to comprehend what a judicial court is. The judicial court’s main function is to make sure that all of the laws listed in the Constitution are followed and enforced. In addition, the main solution to many conflicts in cases can be found with the help of the Judicial Court. The Supreme Court is exactly what is appears and sounds to be. The word supreme allows everyone to understand that it the highest ranking court provided in the United States. The Supreme Court position is above all other courts. Initially, there were only 6 members in the Supreme Court as indicated by the Judiciary Act of 1789 . Throughout the years, there have been many additions and subtractions to the court. However, now there are only 9 members. This expansion was because of the effect of a growing nation. The Supreme Court came along with the creation of the Constitution. The Supreme Court is mentioned in Article III and is the only court mentioned in the Constitution. According to The Federal Judicial Center, “ the Constitution grants the Supreme Court original jurisdiction in cases”(1). This meaning that the Constitution gives the court power to decide and to give their input on cases. For example, the Supreme Court had a major say in the Marbury V. Madison case. The Marbury v. Madison case consisted of a conflict between William Marbury and James Madison.…

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