The Supreme Court And Law Essay

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The Supreme Court and law itself are very complicated things to understand; because of this many ordinary citizens don’t take into account how important the Supreme Court rulings actually are. Every single case and its ruling affects our society in one way or another whether we understand why or not. There are three major rulings that have affected our society: Spokeo vs. Robbins, Fisher vs. University of Texas, and Brown vs. Buhman.

Spokeo vs. Robbins has to do with false information published on the internet. Robbins, the plaintiff, is a man that claims he can’t find a job due to the false information published on the Spokeo site. Robbins stated the site misrepresented his education and wealth which “harmed” his employment prospects and caused distress. The issue in this case was whether an individual has standing to sue under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for publishing inaccurate personal information. With regard to this issue the court ruled that Robbins had standing. The internet is a very dangerous place because anyone can post anything, whether it be good, bad, accurate, or inaccurate information. In this case Robins showed that Spokeo violated his statutory rights and his injuries were concrete and particularized. This case affects society as a whole because the internet is used infinitely, and information on the internet can influence one’s opinions and or decisions, including something as important as job opportunities. In today’s society companies utilize…

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