The Sun Essay

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Located 92.96 million miles away lives one star that is the reason for human existence. The Sun is the most important energy source in our solar system. It accounts for so many things such as photosynthesis. The magnetic field is our source of protection. The Sun is the creator of many optical effects such as the auroras. Our planet earth is heated by one huge ball of gas, its formation is a mystery and the impact it has on planet earth is drastic.
The Sun is in the center of our Solar System and is the most important source of energy. The formation of the sun is no mystery to modern day scientists. Space is filled with gas and dust and there is a presence of hydrogen and helium. The sun was created from the remnants of a dead star. Waves
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The Sun has its own atmosphere that made up of three distinct layers (photosphere, chromosphere and corona). The innermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere is the photosphere. The photosphere is the coolest of the three layers with a temperature of about 10,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This layer extends from the sun’s surface to a few hundred-miles above the surface. Convection currents consisting of gasses from the sun cycle constantly. These currents travel to the photosphere where they release heat. As the gasses cool, they descend back toward the center of the sun where they are reheated. The cycle continues as gas is heated and cooled. This is the process of convection. The next layer, the chromosphere is located just above the photosphere. It is approximately 1,200 to 1,900 miles thick. The chromosphere is much hotter than the photosphere with an approximate temperature of 90,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The chromosphere is characterized by plages and flares. Plages are found in the lower level of the chromosphere nearest the photosphere. Plages are denser with higher temperatures than the surrounding areas. They occur around the same areas as sun spots and appear as bright patches. Solar flares occur within the chromosphere. These magnetic storms contain a tremendous amount of energy. They can travel thousands of miles about the suns surface. The outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere is the corona. The …show more content…
Magnetic fields reach great distances. They are strongest at the source and become weaker as they move farther from the source. Because of this phenomenon, the magnetic field produced by the dynamo effect can be detected far into space. The magnetic field lines that surround Earth are asymmetrical. The lines found closet to the sun are close together because of the influence of solar winds. The lines protecting the Earth are much more elongated and less dense because they are not as influenced by solar winds. Charged particles along the lines become trapped which leads to the formation of Earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetic field is able to change for either a short or long period of time. A short-term change occurs after a disturbance from sunspots. Charged particles from Earth’s atmosphere are launched into space causing disturbance only while they are circulating. A long-term change is characterized by a complete reversal of the Earth’s magnetic fields. The reversal happens on average every 500,000 years. The last known reversal was 700,000 years ago (“Earth’s magnetic field,” 2014). The magnetic field is not the only fascination of our

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