The Sun Disappeared Behind The Trees Essay

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The sun disappeared behind the trees in the west as we sat in sloped lawn chairs admiring God’s creation. The weathered wood of the house matched the brown of the trees from which it came, a stream rushed through woods behind the house. We looked into the forest where his memories came to life so clearly. He slouched into his chair while recalling stories and memories made within the woods. He is a short, heavy built man, hands and body worn from years of work, and gray hair expressing wisdom and knowledge of the woods and hunting. He started to recall when his passion sparked and took life, nearly five decades ago. Ed Courtemanche started hunting at the age of 12. He grew up on a farm in Vermont where he learned how to work hard and enjoy the outdoors. For the first 18 years of his life he learned a lot about working the farm, hunting and tracking. While on the farm he and his brother had a BB gun which they hunted rabbits with. When they brought back their first kill, their dad decided they could use a nicer gun. He removed a little 22 rifle from his back closet and taught them how to use the the gun. Because they lived on a farm his dad stayed occupied with work around the farm and consequently had little time to teach Ed and his brother how to hunt. Luckily they had the time to teach themselves by shooting targets and practicing the basics of hunting. They also learned a few tips and tricks about gun control from a friend they had. This same friend also taught them…

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