The Sun Devil Fitness Complex Essay

2128 Words Nov 30th, 2016 9 Pages
If you spend time on the Arizona State campus you will quickly learn that the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC) is one of the most popularly used places by the students of the university. With prime location directly on the far end of the palm walk, it gives everyone from all sides of campus the access to a state of the art gym and the opportunity to stay in shape and socialize with friends here on campus; however, when people first think of the SDFC they generally think of lifting weights and treadmills. The side that many people underestimate and don’t get the chance to see are all of the other multi purposes of the complex that come free to all students at Arizona State. Through first hand experience and observation, I will be diving into the general usage and functions of the building here on campus for the students and the university. I will glance into the weightlifting accommodations of the fitness center, and next move onto the recreational functions of the complex, then I will look at the social aspects the complex provides, finally wrapping up with physical education growth within the complex; all while elaborating on my experience with the sociocultural elements of the environment and the way students utilize theses spaces provided within the complex itself.

As I mentioned, the most standard feature of this complex is all of the weightlifting accommodations that go along with the treadmills and other cardiovascular machines. Although this may be a standard…

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