The Sun Also Rises On Ernest Hemingway Essay

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The sun also rises on Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway may just be the best american author of all time. Many cool things happened during this mans life. Outstanding and wonderful things. Hemingway lived during a time of great fun and freedom. It was a time when peoples minds where free. Many people have read and loved hemingway 's books. Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest and most memorable american authors, during the moderns Era was when he wrote most of his work such as The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell To Arms. Ernest hemingway was born July 21, 1899. Hemingway was born in oak park Illinois, but was raised in chicago. Hemingway worked for his high school newspaper. “In high school, Hemingway worked on his school newspaper, Trapeze and Tabula, writing primarily about sports” ( Later in his life hemingway went to serve in World War Two. Hemingway drove an ambulance for the italian army. After leaving the war with an injury Hemingway went to michigan and then to chicago where he took a job as a writer. In Chicago this is where he met his first wife and her name was Hadley Richardson. After getting married they quickly moved to paris where Hemingway started writing some of his most famous work. Such as world renowned book The Sun Also Rises. In paris was where hemingway met a lot of war veterans that served the same time he did. Some of them helped him bring the characters from the sun also rises to life. Some…

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