The Sun Also Rises By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Ernest Hemingway wrote and published The Sun Also Rises, his first book, in 1926. Many consider it to be his best piece of work. Hemingway had various influences, both historical and personal, which guided him in writing The Sun Also Rises and other novels. Literary devices, such as theme and symbolism, played an essential role in his successful writing career. Critics wrote numerous reviews about his books. In particular, The New York Times published an astounding review of The Sun Also Rises. This novel is a story of love, war, and aimlessness. Jake Barnes is the narrator of the story. He is an American veteran of World War I. Due to an injury sustained in battle, he is deemed impotent. This interferes with his love for Lady Brett Ashley who is not willing to give up a sexual relationship for Jake, although she is in love with him. Brett has trouble committing to just one man and has multiple affairs throughout the book. Robert Cohn, Mike Campbell, and Bill Gorton are friends of Jake and Brett 's. All of these characters are battling inner demons and attempting to lead a normal life after the war. This group of friends travel across Europe, drink constantly, party every night, attend the bull fights, and argue. The main setting is Pamplona, Spain, where there is a week long fiesta and bull fight in which the friends actively take part in. Young bullfighter, Pedro Romero, is introduced as a breath of fresh air. Brett is immediately attracted to the beautiful man and…

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