The Suicide Of Catholicism And Islamic Religions Essay

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Kimberly Bittings
Death and Dying: SIS 2229
Dr. Vera Jakoby
03 December 2014
Genealogy Project: Suicide in Catholicism and Islamic Religions Suicide has always been look down upon, especially in Catholicism and Islamic Religions. For years it has been considered a sin to commit suicide, but many of these religions have been lenient. For Catholicism, suicide has always been the highest sin anyone could commit if you were Catholic. Suicide in Islamic Religions has been sin unless you die an honorable death, while committing suicide. While both of these religions are similar, they do have differences when it comes to suicide. I will examine both of these religions through art and through the history. The art that I will be explaining has to do with suicide and how that painter/photographer contributed to the painting/photographs. As for history, I will be explaining how suicide had an impact on both religions or how it was dealt with, whether it is a sin or an honor. The above painting is called The Entombment of Atala by Anne-Louis Girodet De Roussy-Trioson. This painting was based on a novel by a French man named Chateaubriand. This painting is about “In the sunset, in a cave, the old hermit, Father Aubry, is supporting the corpse of the half-caste Atala. Chactas the Indian, stricken with grief, clings passionately to the young woman 's knees. Atala, torn between her love for Chactas and the vow she took to remain a virgin and a Christian, committed suicide.” (Louvre,…

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