Essay The Sugarcane Industry Of Hawaii

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The Sugarcane Industry in Hawaii
Sugar has been a huge part of the world. Without sugar, no one will able to make the best dessert such as chocolate. Have you ever wondered where this ingredient came from? C. Allan Jones and Robert V. Osgood are researchers in different sectors of agriculture, and they wrote, “From the King Cane to the Last Sugar Mill: Agriculture Technology and the Making of Hawaii’s Premier.” They discuss the development of sugarcane in Hawaii and the further production in some part of the United States. Sugarcane plantation in Hawaii would not be successful without the diligent immigrants who spend their whole lives working on the farm. Because of the immigrants who are mostly Filipinos and Japanese, they made it successful and brought Hawaii into increasing labor force. Workers used their hands as the traditional method of planting. It has been hard for them, but they did not have any choice. Afterward, immigrant workers separated into different sugar companies operating in Hawaii. The authors stated, “At the beginning of 1970, twenty-eight sugar companies are operating, sixteen remain in 1980, twelve were still in production at the beginning of 1990, and only four survived until January 2000. By 2011, just one- CH&S Company” (para 1). CH&S Company had known and is still in operation. Nowadays, CH&S brand is everywhere. People are using it every day. A lot of companies and plantation of sugarcane built has expanded to the islands of Hawaii which consist…

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