The Success Of The Spanish Colonies Essays

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Trailblazers: The Success of the Spanish Colonies
The fate of global civilization was radically changed when Christopher Columbus embarked for the New World in 1492, launching the leading European powers into a race for colonization and exploration. During this time, each country achieved varying degrees of success by employing different tactics to best conquer the uncharted territory of the Americas; for example, the French exploited the trade of beaver pelts to obtain territory and economic success (Kennedy & Cohen 99). Many of these European colonies grew into flourishing cities and centers of culture and newfound traditions. However, especially in the case of the Spanish conquest, each colony faced adversity when interacting with the indigenous people of the New World; racial tensions grew and countless wars waged on between the two groups. Despite the brutality, the Spanish exploration and colonization of the Americas was the most successful because they maximized their colonization both geographically and economically, and because they willingly incorporated many Native American traditions into their culture.
The Spanish conquistadors were able to successfully conquer and colonize far more territory in the New World than any of the other European empires. By the time the first British settlers landed at Jamestown in 1607, the Spanish had already colonized most of Central and South America, as well as the Floridian peninsula and the Caribbean Islands (Kennedy & Cohen…

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