The Success Of The American Revolution Essay

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The late eighteenth century was a time of political change. Due to British control over the 13 American colonies, the American Revolution began in 1776. With the help France, America was able to defeat Britain and claim their Independence. After forming a new nation, the founders wanted to ensure its people of a fair and free land. Ideas from the Enlightenment such as rights to the people, democracy, and independence were adopted into the American ideology. One of the main causes for the start of the American Revolution was to become an independent state from Great Britain. After the Seven Years War, Great Britain had control over a great deal of North America. Great Britain wanted to receive revenue from the 13 colonies in America to help pay for the cost of the war. However, an attempt to levy taxes led to an uproar in America. Another reason that led to the American Revolution was the different political ideologies between the two countries. Britain believed in a government where only Parliament could make the laws. Meanwhile, America believed in neither a king nor parliament, but in a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The Declaration of Independence was a major force on the start of the American Revolution. Written by Thomas Jefferson, this document stated that America would no longer be under control of the British regime. Our Founding Fathers of America had a dream to obtain a democratic form government that protected its citizens from…

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