The Success Behind Genicon International Expansion Essay

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1. There are many reasons for the success behind Genicon international expansion. The biggest reason behind their success is their ability to choose the right international markets. Genicon was able to identify barriers and look for solutions around them. The United States had such a high entry barrier due to GPOs; Genicon was forced to adapt. The survival of the company, “depended on its ability to sell products abroad.” Their research also plays a key in their success. Genicon realized that new markets would constantly have to be, “identified, evaluated, and developed.” They took into account details often overlooked such as taxes, tariffs, regulations, and the various exchange rates. They understood their limited resources and that is why the countries chosen were the ones with the highest potential. Also they do not make impulsive decisions because they realize the risk of failure and the impact it would have on the company. Another reason for Genicon’s success can be attributed to their timing on entering the European market. Genicon entered at a time transition for medical devices, a company called Tyco Healthcare brought about these changes. Tyco Healthcare pursued contracts with very few distributors. Genicon’s success can be connected to Tyco’s inclination to take their products. Another reason for Genicon success was because they realized the industry was very promising. They solidified their position in the market by turning their focus, “to the easy of use and…

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