The Study : Havasupai Tribe 's Experiment Essay

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1. Havasupai Tribe’s Experiment
Hypothesis: Results can show in DNA Havasupai Tribe gene pool affects the remote location. The foundation at the high rate of type-2 diabetes. Havasupai Tribe restricted gene pool have possible other conditions in their DNA. Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression. Are they possible inbreeding the reason a restricted gene pool? Tribes DNA compares to DNA different races, species.
The Methods of Research:
Use existing data: Number Havasupai Tribal members that have type-2 diabetes.
Participant Observation: Educational studies diabetes at Arizona State University
Experimental Research: Collecting, testing blood samples to identify diabetes, diabetic traits in the Havasupai Tribe. Genetic testing to identify certain gene variants, diabetes the Havasupai Tribe. Test the DNA other conditions: mental illness, incest, compare them with other races, species.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Hypothesis: Does syphilis affect the black race the same as the white race? The black race is prone to syphilis conditions.
The Methods of Research:
Use of existing data: Macon County, Alabama had the highest rates syphilis in America. Data collected by the United States when public health service (USPHS) went to Macon County to give treat the disease.
Participant Observation: Studies conducted at Tuskegee University, a respected black college with a new style lab. 40 years studies (1932-1972). Hopes government funded syphilis treatment center.
Experimental Research: Test…

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