Elie And His Father's Journey Essay

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Throughout the book as you read, we learn that not only do Elie and his father struggle with hopelessness, their faith in god and the will to survive, but other prisoners they meet along the way are dealing with the same struggle as well. Elie and his father are faced with many obstacles that they must overcome while they do everything possible to stay together. Other prisoners that Elie and his father have met on their journey through hell, were also faced with the struggles of their own demons. Many prisoners are separated from family and are left alone with the struggle of wanting to go on without them or to give up on living alone. From the beginning of the book, you learn that Elie is very into his religion and his faith in god. As you read, you learn when faced with death, Elie gives up his faith in god, in order to survive. Elie, his father and many other prisoners are faced with emotional, mental and physical pains put onto them by the German army. When put at the face of death, they are put to the ultimate test, whether the will to survive is stronger than the will to give up.
Elie and his father struggle with survival from the beginning as they arrive at their first camp, Birkenau. “I’ll run into the electrified barbed wire. That would be easier than a slow death in the flames.” Elies father did not answer, “He was weeping.” His father might have not said anything because he could have
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Elie had started as a person who had faith in god and was very in touch with his religion. As he goes through the struggles of trying to survive, he begins to lose his faith in god and begins to let go of his beliefs. Elie had felt that god had abandoned them all, how could he let such men, women and children suffer, how he could just let any of this happen. “I no longer accepted god’s silence.” Elie had lost all hope that god would be the one to save them, it was up to them to save

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