The Struggle Of Tennessee William 's This Property Is Condemned

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The Struggle in Tennessee William’s This Property is Condemned
Abandoned. Struggling. These words can be used to describe children who have been so unfortunate as to live in unhealthy homes or traumatic situations. They are often overlooked and forgotten—left to figure things out on their own. Child abuse, including neglect and abandonment, is recognized as a major social problem. Though there are no exact records of the number of incidences involving child abuse and neglect, in 2000 there were nearly 3 million allegations involving around 5 million children (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). This sadly common situation of one young girl is highlighted in the Tennessee William’s play This Property is Condemned. A simple conversation between a girl and boy turns into a heart-wrenching story about a girl’s desire to regain her innocence. Full of rich symbolism, This Property is Condemned gives a lingering look into the struggles of a young girl and her attempts to cope with the stress of a “grown-up” lifestyle.
The childhood of this young girl—if it can be called a childhood—is a saddening tale that shapes the way she interacts with the world for years to come. “I was expected to be a boy but I wasn’t” (Williams 1084). Less than one page into the play, Willie casually implies that her parents had never been entirely pleased with the outcome of her birth. They already had a daughter—Alva—and thought they were expecting a son. Instead, another girl was born, so they gave…

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