Essay on The Struggle Of A Native

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The Struggle of a Native
How can a country move forward if they still cannot respect the givers of their history? Quite frequently, our modern society ghettoizes and segregates our Native people without rational reasoning. Day to day, people are viewing our Natives in negative ways and often face them with several unnecessary challenges. Still, there is no change being made to these unfortunate circumstances, and our First Nations are currently struggling to be accepted by our society. These reoccurring concerns reflect on their struggles and adversities that greatly affected our first nations in the past. The problems they faced compare our society to the way it was in the past; with the unfairness they treated our first inhabitants. In Drew Hayden Taylor’s book Motorcycles and Sweetgrass the challenges that the natives face for instance change in culture, lack of freedom, isolation from the outside world, ultimately forced the natives into a life of hardships. Throughout this text, there are patterns of injustice to the Natives that occur in present day. First and foremost, our First Nations are beginning to lose their beliefs and their culture. “Everybody used to talk about me. Now they talk about him, I don’t understand. What’s he got that I don’t” (6). Within this context, we are shown how no one talks about Nanabush anymore, meaning that no one believes in him anymore. The importance of this is well-known because it illustrates that Natives have lost touch with…

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