Essay on The Struggle For Land Rights

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The struggle for land rights that occurred over 213 years ago has made a mark in history as one of the most racial inequality events of all time and Indigenous Australians have continued to fight for their land ever since.The first Aboriginal political organisation was formed in the 1920’s. Two of the most well known aboriginal organisations would be the Australian Aborigines League (AAL) and the Aborigines ' Progressive Association (APA). These organisations played a massive role in the movement for Indigenous Australian rights. As many of these Indigenous Australians fought for what they believed was fair this caused multiple different problems for them whether they were bashed, taken from their homes and discriminated everywhere they went. These problems were influenced by people like Jack Pattern who had developed a document that outlined the rights that Indigenous Australians should be entitled to. Things could only get worse when multiple Indigenous communities decided to refuse the assimilation policy and protest about wages and set up events to protest and discuss ideas that would benefit them in this struggle.

The 10 point plan, developed by Jack Pattern, was an attempt to make the Australian Government realise what they had done by assimilating the Indigenous Australians and refusing them the rights that every other Australian had. Jack Pattern was a young indigenous man who never accepted the inequality that all Indigenous Australians faced in this society…

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