Essay On The Influence Of Social Media On Women

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Growing up, especially in the 21st century, girls are exposed to different types of media; which influence their views on what the “perfect body” is. Everyday we see TV shows, movies, magazines, social media, and billboards of women with completely different body types compared to our own, and for many women it brings out an insecurity. Women all over the world go through crazy diets, drink “fit tea”, buy the same waist trainer as Kim Kardashian, and go to the extremes of surgery in order to look like their favorite celebrity. With the rise of social media women’s need to have this ideal body has increased. Go on any celebrities instagram account and you can obsess over what they are wearing to what they are doing. Many like to promote certain brands and products that they use to maintain their body shape; such as waist trainers and Fit Tea (which in reality can be very harmful to your body).
This paper will propose a research project aimed at examining the effects that media has on women women’s view of the “ideal” or “perfect” body. As technology has developed, women are exposed to a lot more media that promotes women’s bodies in many forms. Women’s bodies are used to sell cars, clothes, and other products. The media does not use different bodies, or promote self love, but rather uses models and on top of that photoshop to enhance
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DeBraganza and Hausenblas (2008) focused on two ethnic groups of women (caucasian and African Americans) to see how media affects their perspective of the perfect body image. The study showed both groups two sets of slides and had them complete a pre and posttest mood state measures of anxiety, depression, anger, and body dissatisfaction. African American women did not have much change from the pre to the posttest, while caucasian women reported higher body dissatisfaction after viewing the

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