Essay about The Strength Of True Loyalty

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(you need a better opening sentence) One way to interpret the trait of loyalty are the feelings of devoted attachment and affection towards another. These interpretations in particular are the initial causes of many different and confrontational situations within the two versions of Antigone. The strength of true loyalty is a very powerful driving force that in many cases, promote a one-track mindset and is able to compel a person to follow through with an action no matter what the consequences are. An example of this can be seen through the actions and remarks of Antigone, Haemon, as well as Creon.
In both the Sophocles version of Antigone as well as the John Anouilh, Antigone’s loyalty and honour in which she possesses towards her brother, compels her to dishonour her family by going against the law. Within the Sophocles account, Creon the king declared that one of her two brothers would have a proper burial and the other “… is not to be buried, not be mourned; to be left unburied, unwept, a feast of flesh for keen-eyed carrion birds. ”(Sophocles 127). After this quote was said by Creon, and as we continue to read on, we notice that Antigone does not feel that it is fair that just one that one of her brothers gets the burial while the other left to rot and to be eaten by dogs and carrion birds. Due to this unfairness, Antigone shows the example of loyalty through the defiance of Creon’s laws as well as within the lack of self-preservation these actions depict.
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