The Strength Finder Survey : My Strengths Essay

840 Words Aug 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Upon finishing the Strength Finder Survey, I have a new understanding of my strengths. One of my most prominent strengths is context. By possessing the context theme, I definately enjoy reviewing the past. I m always looking at the past for answers to the future.I in fact have a large collection of literature that I refer to in times of deciscions. Possessing the context theme, means that I have a vast knowledge of the past events, as well as the past lives of historians.I also surrond myself with others that share my passion for history. My next shared theme, would be restorative. .By assuming the restorative theme, Means that I am good at dealing with problems. This is true, in that in my career, I deal daily with problems and issues that come up constantly. I am always analyzing the things that influence the decsicions that I make, including profit, and returns on investments.(Gallup, 2006-2012). The third shared theme that I posess, is communication. I agree with this, as I am a very effective communicator. I rely on effective communication to thrive in my field. I must, everyday communicate to my employees the tasks that have to be done. Without effective communication, my job would fail.Communication goes with the next strength, focus.I am a well focused person. My job title instills that I have to be one hundred percent focused, every day. The last of my top five strengths, would be discipline. One must be a very disciplined person to manage others. I think that all…

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