Essay about The Stream Of Consciousness Writing Exercise

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The stream of consciousness writing exercise shows and tells a lot about the person writing it as well as the circumstances, emotions, moods, and overall feelings and beliefs held by the author. Although I feel as though my stream of consciousness is a very private matter, I have taken up the challenge to expose my thoughts in this essay in order to analyze and understand more fully how my brain works and the circumstances and factors that caused me to write what I did. Before I go into the analysis, I will say that the stream of consciousness is very personal to me. I know that the beliefs and wording are simply what I was thinking at that time, are not edited, and may be different from what I actually believe or consistently hold to be true. What I have learned throughout my experiences is that we as people tend to edit and organize our thoughts before we say them for a number of reasons. Some of them are so that we can be understood by our fellow man, so that we can reach a certain goal rather than talking about our emotions and sensory experiences alone, and so we won’t offend anyone. When we talk to someone or communicate in writing there is a certain psychological phenomenon that takes place where one will try to see things from the perspective of their audience and tailor what they say to fit the audience, taking into account how the individual thinks how audience perceives the world and how they think about different matters. I find the connection between writing…

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