The Stream Of Consciousness And Consciousness Essay

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Stream of Consciousness & States of Consciousness

Consciousness is considered to be a state of awareness, in which we are able to observe external events and internal sensations, which can occur under conditions of arousal. (King, 2014)
In other words, consciousness is awareness or perception of some stimuli. There are levels of consciousness, which I will discuss, and there is the topic of “stream of consciousness”, which I will cover in a later paragraph. One state of consciousness is higher-level consciousness, which is characterized by a higher level of alertness and attention, what is known as the “executive function”, or the ability to plan, focus on a goal, and engage in problem solving activities, and a controlled form of mental processing. (King, 2014) On the other hand, there is lower-level consciousness, characterized by a tendency to daydream, wandering thoughts, and the “automatic processes”, which requires little attention and conscious effort to control the thought process. It is also important to note the possibility of altered states of consciousness (ASC). These states do not typically occur naturally, rather are induced either by a drug, hypnosis, a mental disorder, or some physical aspect, such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, and trauma or injury. In the altered state of consciousness, the mind is open to a high level of suggestion, and reality is altered considerably, depending on our brains beta waves. Another largely studied area of interest, is our…

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