Essay on The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Monsters From Within Coming to Life:
A comparison between the good (Dr. Jekyll) and the bad (Mr. Hyde) in the Victorian Era, and what they truly represent.

Jenny Nguyen

A paper submitted to Mr. Matsalia in partial fulfillment of
Honors English II, Period 7
November 21, 2014

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson was published in 1886 around the time of the Victorian Era.The Victorian Era, the time between 1837 through 1901, was a time of significant economic and social changes, as well as a period of scientific breakthroughs, which the short novel embodies.The general overview of the story is that Dr. Jekyll is presented as an privileged and honorable man while Mr. Hyde is his otherwise hidden, but true "inner-self" that takes form through the use of a transformation potion. He uses Mr. Hyde to mask his true inner-thoughts of malice and antagonism in order to truly express himself in a way that will not discredit the reputation of his "good" side. While Henry Jekyll represented the rise and Edward Hyde the fall, each character constitutes one or more of the defining features of the Victorian Era. As aforementioned, the Victorian Era was a time of scientific advancements, economic and social changes. The rapid scientific progression of the Victorian Era, such as the discovery of the electromagnetic waves and the planet Neptune, first seen and noted through a laboratory telescope, is still relevant today. The abrupt…

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