The Story Of Miss Mora Essay

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Miss Mora was standing in the corner of the room. Her face steeped in fear, her grazed grimace slightly crimson. The room was clean and neat, floral paintings and family pictures littered the walls. The light scent of lavender lingered lightly. The bed was made; queen sized comforter set with miscellaneous designs scattered abroad. An over abundance of pillows. Then there was the little girl being held at gun point by an old man. Both in tears. “Miss Mora, are you okay?” I called out to her, my attention and aim never left my target. “I 'm... I 'm...” I shot a quick glance at her, I soon wished I hadn 't. My eyes met hers and I saw depths of panic I had never imagined possible. I turned back to the man with the gun. “Mr. Jenkins, put the gun down.” His catatonic glare unchanged. “Lenard!” His head snapped back to attention. One hand palmed the shiny revolver and the other gripped something small and pliable as it rest on the little girls shoulder. “Stay away. You shouldn 't be here.” He was right, I had no business being here. I 'm not a cop or some hero detective. I 'm just a man who sticks his nose where it doesn 't belong and now I might get a woman 's daughter killed. “What are you doing here?” “I 'm righting a wrong!” “What? No I was talking to myse- look that 's not important.” “What I 'm doing isn 't important?” “No, I mean yes. What you 're doing is important. I meant me talking to myself isn 't important.” “What are you going on…

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