The Story Of An Hour - Literary Analysis Essay

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The Story of An Hour - Literary Analysis
Marriage in the 1800’s was essentially an idea of a woman being the man’s property. In “The Story of An Hour,” Chopin represents a negative view of marriage by portraying a woman’s relief and joy upon her husband’s death, resulting in the examination of a female’s self-discovery of identity that was lost while fulfilling the role of a good wife. Chopin presents this through the setting of the text as Mrs.Mallard’s emotions transition from numbness to newfound joy. “The Story of An Hour” communicates the transition of a soul moving from being trapped in a cage of domesticity, like a small bird, to of the free, spring world, showing that nature and the soul are connected, as shown through the different reactions of Mrs. Mallard as the setting within the house changes.
Through the means of identity in vivid, contrasting language, Kate Chopin illustrates Mrs. Mallard caged in “heart trouble,” domesticating her identity as a frail and trapped bird. Her heart trouble is given no medical context, which leads one to believe that there is no medical danger at all, it is just a name to silence any sort of independence and procure a perceived weakness. In simple prose, Chopin highlights Mrs. Mallard’s grief as she “did not hear the story as many women have heard the same” (P. 3) because she is portrayed so weak that words of her husband’s death could really break her and stop her heart, and that she was not strong enough to take on mourning…

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