The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin takes place during the late nineteenth century that is based on an American woman, named Louise Mallard, who longed for her freedom. Louise is a married, old fashioned, elderly woman who was given the news that many may dread to hear. She was told by her sister’s husband, as well as her sister, that her husband had passed away due to a railroad accident that occurred later on that day. Many may have found news as such to be very saddening and alarming. Otherwise for Louise, the news that was brought upon her lifted her spirits. The death of her husband brought “monstrous amounts of joy” , and the relief of being able to direct her own life. (Chopin 16) The author does not express the amount of years in which this couple was married for but perhaps since the story took place in 1894, the median age for a woman to be married by was the age of 22. (1) Assuming that Mrs. Mallard got married in her twenties, and was around her fifties and based on the picture (provided in Bedford literature book) and due to her heart trouble, I come to believe that this relationship has been going on for about thirty years. (Chopin 15) Thirty years for one person counts as almost half of their life span during that time period. Women in 1894 were also perceived differently than they currently are today, and had fewer rights to stand by. The Story of an Hour, given the circumstances, expresses how an ideal marriage for some women is a lifetime sentence in…

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