Essay on The Story Of A Murder, A Ghost, And Revenge

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The story of a murder, a ghost, and revenge; Hamlet is one of Shakespears most read works. The story revolves around the murder of Hamlets father the king, and his quest for revenge. Quite naturally we side with Hamlet whose father, the king, was brutally murdered. But why? Do two murders really make it better than one? Are we just blood thirsty readers, or do we have some reason to believe that Hamlet should take revenge? We have a ghost word of course; what better reason do we need? The ghost 's story is enough to convince Hamlet to vengeance. The ghost forces Horatio and Marcellus into an oath. He orders Hamlet to commit the same sin that the king 's murderer committed when he killed the king. And he by no means has anything worthwhile to show for what commanded Hamlet to do. All of which point to the ghost not being who he claims to be.

The story starts out with a ghost haunting the castle guard in the middle of the night. The ghost looks like the recently (two months) deceased king and floats around in armor that the king used to wear. The guards, Horatio and Marcellus, try to speak with the ghost but with no response. The ghost leaves as dawn approaches. Horatio and Marcellus go and tell Hamlet. And Hamlet makes plans to try and speak with the ghost. That night they see the ghost and try to get it to speak to them but the ghost still refuses to talk and motioning for Hamlet to follow him he leaves the stage. Hamlets companions try and prevent Hamlet from following…

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