The Stories Of Al Khidr From The Sufi Perspective Essay example

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The Stories of Al Khidr from the Sufi Perspective
According to Sufi mythology Al-Khidr literally means the green one which represents eternal liveliness. Al-Khidr is described as the hidden prophet and immortal saint. He came to symbolize divine wisdom and knowledge from Allah and the prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).
Sufis have concocted various tales depicting Al-Khidr being immortal and possessing divine knowledge. Some of the stories are described below.
Story 1 – Dhul-Qarnayn and the Fountain of Life
Dhul Qarnayn (Alexander the Great) learns from Al- Khidr that 'of every land, the Dark Land is best, in which is a Water, a life-giver ' and that the source of this River of Life is in the North, beneath the Pole Star. They reach the destination where the sun ceases to rise, and the Land of Darkness lies before them.
Dhul Qarnayn is guided by Khidr, and Khidr discovers the fountain of immortality which he drinks from. He keeps his eye on the spring, while waiting for Dhul-Qarnayn to catch up with him; but the spring disappears, and Khidr himself vanishes, realising that Dhul-Qarnayn will not succeed in his quest.
Story 2 - On Knowledge
The great shaykh 'arif Sahl bin 'Abdallah went towards the people one day and gave an excellent speech. It was said to him: "If you 'd talk like that every day, then we 'd derive lots of benefit from it".
He answered: "I only gave a speech today, because Khidr came to me and said: 'Go to the people, turn to them and deliver a speech, because…

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