Essay on The Stone Soup By Barbara Kingsolver

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Divorce leads to happiness. As odd as divorce leading to happiness may sound, it contains truth. “Stone Soup”, written by Barbara Kingsolver, contains her personal experience with divorce, and the effects divorce had on her family. Kingsolver uses personal experience, to demonstrate that divorce frees the families from bondage. The best way to teach others how divorce, in certain relationships, frees the families from bondage is by using personal experience because individuals who have experienced divorce find it easier to explain the facts of a divorce. From childhood, many parents teach their children that divorce is wrong and that there becomes a way to fix the circumstances. At a young age, Kingsolver inherited a definition of divorce from her family and friends. Kingsolver held these beliefs about divorce, “That it 's a lazy way out of marital problems. That it selfishly puts personal happiness ahead of family integrity.” (Kingsolver, 2014, p. ?). Society teaches the principle of family integrity, and that when the spouse of a divorce leaves they are only thinking for themselves. Although, principles do change and the perception of divorce can change too. Kingsolver, from experience, claims, “I had no idea how thoroughly these assumptions overlaid my culture until I went through divorce myself.” (Kingsolver, 2014, p. ?). Divorce is commonly misunderstood, and frowned upon, but the many that face such trials leave the situation with the understanding of what divorce…

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