The Stigma Of Mental Illness Essay

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Stigmas directed towards people diagnosed with mental illness was determined as a social problem. People typically associate mental illness with the words dangerous, crazy, weird, and scary. These words cause people to believe they have something to fear and that these people will not be able to function as the rest of society does. In this paper there are two different types of interventions discussed to help reduce the stigma: acceptance and commitment therapy, and using the social norm theory to end the need for social distance. When combined the two fill in the holes of one another and create a better two-prong approach to reduce the stigma of mental illness.
Keywords: stigma, mental illness, ACT, social norm theories, intervention

Ending the Stigma on Mental Illness Using ACT and Social Norm Theories
A large problem in society is the stigmas currently being placed on mental illness. In the last 25 years, there have sadly been no signs of the end of stigmatization towards mental illness (Schomerus et al., 2016, p. 21). It is questionable as to why we even have a stigma because approximately 26.4% of the American population has been diagnosed with a mental illness (Kenny & Bizumic, 2016, p. 178). However, the majority of people are not acknowledging these statistics, but instead are letting stereotypes form. Unfortunately, these judgements inevitably lead to people fearing and judging mental illness and the people who have been diagnosed with an illness…

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