The Stereotypical Role Of Women In 1984 By George Orwell

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The Stereotypical Role of Women in 1984
In Orwell’s novel 1984, Orwell writes about a bleak society where your own thoughts betray you. Everyone has their place under the seemingly omnipresent eye of Big Brother. Individualism is frowned upon, and everyone is told their role. Gender is a non-issue; traditional male and female roles are disregarded. The Party itself attempts to make ones own gender irrelevant, and strives to erase any form of bonding or familial units. Yet, despite this line of thinking presented by the Party, women still carry the typical generalizations and the novel 1984 contains several stereotypes of women who appear in science fiction.
Women consistently appear in a certain role in science fiction novels, and are typically conceived to further the male protagonist’s own emotional or physical journeys, regardless of their own personal journeys.
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Are feminine women maternal and self sacrificing, are they pure and gentle, or are they sexually promiscuous and confident? Depending on said

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