Misconceptions About High Class People

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certain person just because they are rich, they automatically think all the people in that society are the same. People do not give a chance to meet and get to know someone. High class people get judged on so much just because they are rich and think they can afford everything whenever they want, when in reality they do not because they either have saved up money or have to pay many bills that they barely have anything saved up. People make a lot of misconceptions about high class people. It does not matter if they are upper class then all of us. It does not mean they should be treated differently than all of us. Everyone is the same whether they are rich or not. They can have the same cheap clothes as a poor person would have because they do not have enough to support …show more content…
In the article Social Darwinism Isn’t Dead by Matthew Hutson states “If you’re doing well, you believe success comes to those who deserve it, and those of lower status must not deserve it”.Stating that, it does not mean that you have to be doing well or bad. Just because you have the opportunity to have everything that you need, does not mean that no one else can not do it. Everyone has the option to achieve and succeed their goal whether they are rich or not. Everyone makes inferences that the rich can do and achieve everything easier and faster than the low class people. Everyone has the opportunity to become as wealthy as the rich people. Morena Mendoza states, “Whenever people come and visit me, they tell me I deserve everything that I had done and that no one should take it from me.” People think that only you deserve what you have done. That is true, you worked for it, so why not enjoy what you have accomplished. This does not mean that nobody is going to be as successful as you are just because you are born and raised in high

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