The Steam Engine: The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution- Steam Engine

The Industrial Revolution has been viewed as one of the most influential events that occurred to the economy of the world. During this time, there were inventions of many items that helped the European society to perform certain tasks efficiently. This led the world to be able to produce many more goods in a much shorter time. The Industrial Revolution influenced the world economy, in which people had access to a much wider variety of goods and services offered by companies. During this time, there were so many inventions that helped daily activities such as sewing machines, light bulb, camera, and the steam machine etc. The steam engine was one of the most important artificial power sources until electricity. The steam engine improved employment, transportation and the economy as a
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The steam engine helped in creating the steam locomotives, which was used for transporting goods and people. With the steam locomotive, manufacturers were able to ship tons of goods at once without the worry of whether is heavy or not. This also helps people to move from one place to another quickly and efficiently. People still use railroad has an important source of transportation and is all because of the steam engine. People find jobs in different cities, which eventually increase the economy since they are to pay taxes. The steam engine did help the society or world to improve in their employment, transportation and the economy as a whole. There is no doubt the Industrial Revolution was one of the most influential time periods of human history. It was almost solely responsible for propelling society into the modern economies that we still have in place today. The technological advances of this time are what allowed for the mass production of goods and services for society, which allowed for made to be conducted on a much larger

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